SaaS Agreements – SLAs – Business Continuity and Escrow Agents

SaaS customers are increasingly asking for disaster recover provisions to be included within the terms of a SaaS agreement to ensure that they have access to their data and continuity of service if a problem arises at the SaaS supplier’s data centre. The costs of providing disaster recovery used to be prohibitive, due to the requirement of having mirrored servers and transferring data, however there is now a new market opening up with former escrow providers offering a variety of disaster recovery options at affordable prices.

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SaaS Agreements – Data Protection – Update on the EU Draft Data Protection Regulation

SaaS suppliers should be aware of the recent changes made by the EU Parliament to the draft EU Data Protection Regulation (Regulation). If this amended version of the Regulation becomes law next year the obligations of SaaS suppliers who process personal data on behalf of customers will radically change. A summary of the current main proposed provisions is set out below.

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