SaaS Agreements – Terms and Conditions – Limitation Clauses

SaaS suppliers should always include limitation clauses in their SaaS terms and conditions to attempt to limit or exclude liability for certain types of losses and to cap their financial liability for breaches of contract. However, in order for limitation clauses to be valid, SaaS suppliers must ensure that the wording of the limitation clause is clear and unambiguous, otherwise the whole clause could be ruled void by a court and the SaaS supplier’s liability will then be unlimited.

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SaaS Agreements – FAQs – Reseller Agreements

SaaS suppliers who decide to use a local partner to resell their SaaS software to customers outside of the countries in which they are based, will need to have a reseller/distributor agreement in place between themselves and each SaaS reseller/distributor. What is a SaaS Reseller/Distributor? A SaaS reseller is the

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