SaaS Agreements – Brexit – Amendments to Terms and Conditions

SaaS suppliers and SaaS customers are becoming increasingly concerned about the effect of “Brexit” upon the terms of their existing SaaS agreements, particularly where contracts are subject to English law or SaaS suppliers or customers are located within the UK. Below is a summary of the main issues that SaaS suppliers need to be aware of that may result in problems arising now or in the future with the terms of their existing SaaS agreements.

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SaaS Agreements – Brexit – EU Data Transfers

Once the UK leaves the EU, the UK will no longer be a member of the EEA. UK SaaS suppliers will no longer be lawfully permitted to continue to transfer personal data of EU SaaS customers to the UK unless the UK government, or alternatively SaaS suppliers themselves, put in place measures to make the transfer legal under EU data protection laws.

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