Website Legal Requirements – Tweeting – 5 Legal Offences to Avoid

There have recently been a number of high profile cases on liability for the sending of inappropriate tweets in the UK and the USA.

As tweeting becomes more and more the norm for many businesses it is important to consider the legal consequences of staff sending inappropriate tweets. Before allowing, permitting or encouraging staff to start tweeting on your behalf or with your brand you should consider creating a tweeting policy.

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Website Legal Requirements – Cookies and Consent Policies

As a result of changes to the EU Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive, it is now unlawful to use cookies to collect user data without first obtaining explicit consent. Accordingly, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), which is responsible for ensuring that websites comply with the new cookie law, has implemented a technical solution on its own website with the result that traffic to it plummeted.

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Cloud Computing and the Legal Cloud

What is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a new and rapidly expanding delivery model, often used to supply IT services to customers via the Internet. Cloud computing involves the sharing of resources, software and information on the Internet for users to use on their computers and other devices, on-demand.

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Trademark – Portfolio Management

What issues need to be considered in choosing and managing a company’s trademarks? Registration Focus on the company name or products. Marketing should decide which trademarks to register. Consider registering products names in local markets. If companies are acquired, consider registering trademarks for new products or company names if no

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Domain Name – Portfolio Management

What issues need to be considered in choosing and managing a company’s domain names?
Which Name to Register

* Focus on the company name worldwide.
* Marketing should decide on which domain names to register, bearing in mind which trade marks the company has registered.
* If companies are acquired, consider registering domain names if none are already registered.
* Carry out a domain name search at before trying to register new domain names.


* All domain names should be registered and owned centrally by one company (a holding company).

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