Website Legal Requirements – Contact and Company Information

Does your website comply with the legal requirements for providing contact information and company information in the UK?

Contact Information

The following contact information must be provided in an easily accessible position on your website:

  • an email address
  • telephone number
  • fax number (if you have one)

Increasingly companies do not provide an email address and/or telephone number to avoid receiving unwanted spam emails and telephone calls.

Instead many companies only allow customers to contact them by completing an online contact form. This may breach the Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002.

Can I use a Contact Form?

The European Court of Justice has ruled that an electronic contact form complies with the E-commerce Directive, where the supplier answers queries sent by customers within a period of 30 to 60 minutes. However, if a customer requests a non-electronic means of communication from the supplier in the contact form i.e. a telephone number, the supplier must provide this.

How to Use a Contact Form Successfully

If you decide to use a contact form instead of giving a contact telephone number or email address ensure that you respond to e-mail queries from customers in a timely manner. You do not automatically need to provide a  contact telephone number, but you must be able to do so, should a customer request this.

Please note you must provide a contact email address on your website.

About Us Information

In addition to the above you are required to provide the following information on your website:

  • your legal name i.e. XYZ Ltd. If this is different from your trading name any differences should be explained.
  • your geographical address,  which must be the registered office if you are a company.
  • which country your business is registered in
  • the registration number of your company
  • details of any supervisory body which regulates your business i.e. the FSA. For regulated bodies more detailed information is required.
  • your VAT number
  • where you are registered for VAT
  • clear details of prices and whether or not delivery and/or tax is included


To have your website reviewed for compliance with English law or for  queries about compliance with the contact and information requirements of the E-Commerce Directive please contact:

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