No VAT will be chargeable on top of my fees to clients whose company is:

  • registered for VAT in the EU or UK, (excluding Germany); or
  • located outside of the EU or the UK.

Hourly Rates

My current hourly rates are in UK pounds Sterling and can be obtained on request. I can invoice in GBP or Euros, whichever you prefer.

Cost estimates are always provided prior to any work being carried out and fee caps will not be exceeded without your prior consent.

I do not charge for time spent travelling or waiting. However, if I am required to travel in connection with any matter, you will be responsible for reimbursing my second class travel and reasonable accommodation expenses.

I provide all advice based upon a mixture of fixed fees and hourly rates (measured at 15 minute intervals).

Fixed Fee Templates

I provide non-customised templates for SaaS businesses to use with their business customers (BTB) for fixed fees, details of which can be obtained on request. If customers require any customisation of templates supplied, this will be charged for at my usual hourly rates.