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Bodle Law provides English legal advice to business customers and suppliers on all legal issues relating to information technology law, IT law and in particular SaaS, GDPR and cloud computing.

Irene Bodle is a specialist IT lawyer with more than 14 years experience advising on IT law. I provide commercial advice to UK and international businesses on all IT law and information technology law issues.

My particular areas of expertise include:

I provide prompt and business focused advice in relation to both online information technology law and more traditional IT law.

Recent Projects

Adapting SaaS agreements and privacy policies to comply with the GDPR.

Outsourcing software development contracts in Poland and Vietnam.

SaaS Software distribution agreements with global partners for a Norwegian client.

Legal expert for Web Analytics World writing on SaaS and IT law.

Joint Venture agreement for SaaS software partner in Australia.

Hosting contracts in Singapore and the UK with international telecoms providers.

Member of UKITA and contributor of articles on SaaS and IT law.

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