Benefits of SaaS and Cloud Computing

The benefits of SaaS (software as a service) applications to customers are numerous. They include:

  • customer collaboration
  • access anytime/anywhere,
  • no need to install programmes and updates,
  • number of users can be increased or decreased easily
  • more functions and modules can be quickly and easily added
  • reduced need for internal IT
  • saving in professional time

Customer Collaboration

Often customer portals are included in the SaaS application which enables the customer to share information with its clients.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

SaaS applications are usually hosted on the software supplier’s servers. This enables the customer to be able to log in and work with the software application and customer data from work, home, other computers or whilst travelling, via mobile devices.

Reduced need for Internal IT Resources

Small and mid-sized firms, unlike large firms do not usually have large internal IT expertise.  By using SaaS applications the need to install, reinstall, update and generally deal with ever changing technological issues is avoided. The supplier automatically deals with all of these issues on your behalf. This saves the customer time and the expense of troubleshooting themselves or hiring external assistance.


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