SaaS Agreements – Legal Implications of Brexit

Brexit and SaaS

SaaS suppliers and SaaS customers wondering about the business implications of a Brexit and how to prepare for this should be aware of the following. Despite the result of the referendum in the UK indicating that the UK will leave the European Union (EU), currently this has no legal consequence or effect upon the business operations of SaaS suppliers or SaaS customers, as the UK has not yet left the EU.

When will the UK leave the EU

No Member State has ever left the European Union, so although there is a process set out in Article 50 of the EU Treaty for leaving, the process of withdrawal is new and untested. In any event, the UK has given notice to the EU under the Article 50 of its intention to leave the EU, has negotiated ae exit deal with the EU and currently plans to leave on the 31st of October 2019.

How should SaaS Suppliers and Customers prepare for a Brexit

SaaS suppliers and customers should be aware that the UK will continue to be a member of the EU and subject to EU law until the date that the UK actually leaves the EU.

Further updates will be published on this site from time to time once the UK’s position on Brexit becomes clearer.


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