Software Contracts

Bodle Law provides English legal advice to business customers and suppliers on UK and international software agreements.

I have more than 14 years experience advising on, drafting and negotiating international software contract issues. I provide pragmatic legal solutions which reflect your commercial requirements and business needs. I advise on software agreement matters across all business sectors.

My particular areas of expertise include:

I advise on all legal issues arising from buying or selling software online or on more traditional packaged or installed software contract matters.

Recent Projects

Guest speaker on SaaS and cloud computing at the Berlin CloudConf 2013.

Member of UKITA and contributor of articles on SaaS and IT law.

SAAS contracts with local authorities, government departments,  banks around the globe, talent management companies, international outsourcing service providers and many FTSE 100 companies.

Cross border software agreement with customers based in Europe, Asia Pac and the USA.

Partner interface software contract with a leading UK software provider.

Software development agreements for clients in the UK, Canada and Australia.

Software reseller and agency agreement in Canada.

Bodle Law
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