SaaS Agreements – International Agreements – Valid Execution

Where an international SaaS agreement is entered into between a non-UK SaaS customer and a non-UK company of a SaaS supplier the parties should ensure that the SaaS agreement has been properly executed in accordance with the law of the country of incorporation of each company. Even where the SaaS

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SaaS Agreements – International Agreements – Interest on Late Payments

SaaS customers often delay payment of invoices. In order to protect your SaaS business and improve cash flow, SaaS suppliers usually include the right to claim interest on late payments in the terms of their SaaS agreement or rely on their statutory right to interest under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 (Act”). However, following the decision in Martrade Shipping and Transport GmbH v United Enterprises Corporation SaaS suppliers should be aware of the limitations of relying upon the Act, particularly where the SaaS customer or SaaS supplier is a non UK entity.

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