SaaS Agreements – Data Protection – Brexit Update

UK SaaS Agreements: In light of the various leaving scenarios of which a “no deal Brexit” is looking likely, it is highly advisable that SaaS suppliers and SaaS customers now take steps to ensure that they can continue to lawfully process and transfer personal data between the EU and the UK following Brexit.

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SaaS Agreements – FAQs – What is SaaS and Essential Terms to include in a SaaS Agreement

SaaS is the abbreviation for “software as a service”. You may know this under another name, for example subscription agreement, software on demand, software subscription agreement, cloud computing or ASP services (application service provider). These names all refer to the same thing – software being made available via the Internet to users.

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SaaS Agreements – Data Protection – Russian Data Centres

SaaS Suppliers who will be processing personal data of Russian citizens on behalf of SaaS customers need to be aware of amendments to the Russian Federal Law on Personal Data. From the 1st of September 2015 changes to this Russian law may prohibit foreign SaaS suppliers from processing personal data of Russian citizens on servers located outside of Russia.

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