Cloud Computing and the Legal Cloud

Everyone is talking about “cloud computing” but what is it?

What is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a new and rapidly expanding delivery model, often used to supply IT services to customers via the Internet. Cloud computing involves the sharing of resources, software and information on the Internet for users to use on their computers and other devices, on-demand.

Other Related Terms

Where software is supplied using the cloud you will hear people refer to SaaS, software as a service, ASP services and software on demand to describe the provision of the services.

Why refer to a “cloud”

The term “cloud” is used as a metaphor for the Internet, based on the cloud drawing used in the past to represent the telephone network, and later to depict the Internet. Typical cloud computing providers deliver business software applications online which are accessed from another web service or software i.e. a web browser while the software and customer data are stored on servers, hosted by the service provider.

The Legal Cloud

Most cloud computing infrastructures consists of services delivered through hosting centres. The service provided to users are usually set out in a service level agreement (SLA) and the software licence for use of the services and software will be set out in a SaaS agreement.


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